Acoustic Guitar Sound

Acoustic guitars are different from electric guitars. They are used in classical, flamenco as well as rock, jazz. Acoustic guitars are made of solid wood or laminate along with steel strings or nylon strings. What are the factors that affect sound of acoustic guitars?


Bridge is a important part of acoustic guitar just like the pickups of electric guitar. It is the generator of sound. The bridge picks up the vibrations of the strings and transfer to sound chamber. The vibrations are amplified and transform to sound out of the sound hole. Some very cheap guitars use plastic bridges, these guitars are not your choice. Choose the guitars using rosewood, ash, or even ebony which is very expensive.


Some acoustic guitar bodies are made of laminate while others are made of solid woods. For beginners don’t choose the guitars with laminate body top. Solid body tops are always better than laminate. For the back and side, it is OK to use laminate. If you can afford, buy the guitar all made of solid wood. But for most beginners, solid top plus laminate back and side is enough to make decent sound.


The end block of guitar is used to join the top and back together. After the end block is attached and the glue became dry, the neck is glued to the body. The wood and craftsman of neck have impacts on the sound of guitar too.

Buying a good acoustic beginner guitar is the process of choosing guitar match your needs. It is better if you have some knowledge about what make the guitar sounds great. It is a good start of guitar learning.