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Beginner Acoustic Guitar — Page 2

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Most guitar learners choose acoustic guitars as their beginner guitars because of the relative cheap prices and portability (don’t need amps). Another important reason is that a good acoustic guitar makes amazing mellow sound which most electric guitars can not offer. Learning guitar is enjoyable, challenging and sometimes frustrating. By choosing the proper beginner acoustic guitar, you can make your learning journey much easier and happier.However, acoustic guitars are harder for beginners to learn than electric guitars. The reason is that action of acoustic guitar is higher than electric guitar and learners must use more finger strength to press down strings to get the right tone. Other reasons are the thicker strings and wider fretboard.
The followings are some tips on choosing a good beginner acoustic guitar.


String is a very important part of guitar, both for acoustic and electric. You don’t need to buy strings when you buy your first new guitar because every new guitar for sales is equipped with strings by the makers. But as you play or practice your new guitar for months, the strings become old and the sound become darker. At that time, you must change your strings. If you change strings then you’d better to change them all at one time. Good strings make good sound and bad or old strings make the sound bad and frustrating. Two things must be mentioned about strings of beginner acoustic guitar.
steel strings and nylon strings
Types of acoustic guitar strings: There are two types of acoustic guitar strings: steel and nylon. The steel string acoustic guitars are usually used for rhythm strumming in music style such as Rock, Country, Blue and some Jazz. Nylon string guitars can be break down into two groups: Classical and Flamenco. Again, it is up to you to choose steel or nylon string guitar based on what kind of music style you like the most. If you are playing steel string guitar, don’t use nylon strings. If you are learning classical guitar, don’t use steel strings.
Gauge of acoustic guitar strings:The gauge of a string is basically the thickness of the string. In general, thicker guitar strings generate better and louder sound while thinner strings are easy for beginners to play. You must put more press on the thicker strings make the accurate tone. Personally, I recommend medium(11-48/49) gauge are the best for acoustic guitar learners. You need to balance the sound effect and the easiness to learn.


Tonewood is the wood used to make the guitar. Acoustic guitar is mainly made of wood and the wood types are very important to the sound quality of the guitar. The most used tonewoods like Spruces and Cyders are used in the top of acoustic guitar. Some harder tonewood are used to the side, neck, fretboard etc. The top of acoustic guitars can be made of different types of wood and each wood type such as solid wood or laminate has various impacts on the sound tone of the acoustic guitars.In most case,a solid top guitar is better than a laminate top guitar. So buy a solid top acoustic guitar as your beginner guitar.

Guitar size

For adult learners, dreadnought is great. Dreadnought is smaller than jumbo but still full size. For younger children, 1/2 or 3/4 size is good options. The wrong size makes it hard for beginners to get their arm around and they have to stretch more to reach the frets and strings.

Finally, keep in mind that do not choose the too cheap guitars.Most of them have a low quality laminated top. The low quality sound will frustrate you in your learning process.

Top recommended beginner acoustic guitars:

  1. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar
  2. Taylor GS Mini
  3. Fender Starcaster Natural Acoustic Guitar Kit
  4. Yamaha FG700S
  5. Bristol by Blueridge BD-16
  6. Takamine GS330S
  7. Jasmine by Takamine S35
  8. Jasmine by Takamine S34C NEX


Features Solid pressure tested cedar top Laminate wild cherry back and sides Silverleaf maple neck Rosewood fretboard and bridge Graphtech Tusq nut and saddle Double action truss rod Tapered headstock Made in Canada Sound Seagull S6 sounds good, especially for pick strumming. The wild cherry back and sides contribute a unique tone, together with the […]

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Features: Solid or laminated spruce top and Nato back and sides. Rosewood fretboard Natural finish 21 fret Mahogany neck Cutaway Sound With the great acoustic guitar brands, this guitar is constructed very well with good craftsmanship. The sound is not as good as other more expensive Takamine guitars due to the laminated top. The overall […]

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Features: Laminated Spruce top and laminated NATO back and sides Stain finish Rosewood fretboard, Chrome covered tuning pegs Sound: Takamine is a good acoustic guitar brand and it makes many expensive premium acoustic guitars. This is a beginner acoustic guitar and is made under almost same quality control of other expensive guitar. The sound may […]

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Features: Solid spruce top, laminated agathis back and sides Rosewood fretboard, Rosewood bridge 20 frets, dreadnought body Chrome die-cast tuning pegs Package: strings pick sampler, strap, pitch pipe, guitar bag, turner and DVD Sound: This Fender acoustic guitar gets reputation from the Fender brand. Yes, good quality and craftsmanship but as to the sound, it […]

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Acoustic guitars are different from electric guitars. They are used in classical, flamenco as well as rock, jazz. Acoustic guitars are made of solid wood or laminate along with steel strings or nylon strings. What are the factors that affect sound of acoustic guitars?  Bridge Bridge is a important part of acoustic guitar just like […]

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If you have an acoustic guitar , you may need a guitar humidifier to protect your guitar. In some areas, it is cold in winter and people turn on heat on at home to keep warm. The air in house become dry as relative humidity down. As a result, the solid wood made of guitar […]

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Some beginners are told that the guitars have solid Cedar top are better than those with Spruce. The reason why people so concern about the materials of guitar top is that guitar side and back contribute little to the tone and loudness of an acoustic guitar. The top is the most important contributor.  Solid top […]

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Features: Solid Cedar top Nato side and back Mahogany neck Rosewood fretboard and bridge Chrome tuning pegs Sound: This guitar has warm deep resonant sound. The solid Cedar top make this guitar a little different from other acoustic guitar. Cedar Wood is said that it will sound better after 10 years. Action: The factory setting […]

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Features: Spruce top, mahogany back and side; Mahogany neck Natural high gloss finish; Die-cast chrome plated tuning pegs; Dreadnaught size Sound: Bristol BD-16 is named after the city of Bristol which is known as the birthplace of country music.This guitar is made using the same skills and materials as other professional Bluebridge guitars. It makes […]

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