Beginner Guitar, Electric or Acoustic?

Everyone want start to learn guitar will face this question: what should I start with, the acoustic or electric. Some were told that acoustic guitars are good for beginners. Is it right for every student?To answer these, let’s study some basic stuffs about acoustic and electric guitars first.

Acoustic guitars make sound by their sound holes which usually are round and beneath the strings. Their bodies are hollow and the round sound holes are on the top of the bodies. When you play the guitar, the vibrations of strings will be transferred to the bridge which is glued to the top of the body. The vibration the be send to the sound box and the sound are made out of the sound hole. There are two types of acoustic guitar strings: steel and nylon. Nylon string guitars are used in classical and flamenco music. Steel string guitars are often used in jazz and country style music. Acoustic guitars are considered harder to play than electric guitars because of the higher action and wider finger board. These make the strings are harder to press down to the frets.

Unlike the acoustic guitars, electric guitars make sound by electric devices. When you strike the strings, the vibrations are picked up by the pickups which are the very important parts of the electric guitars. The signals are send to transferred to amps, turn the electric signals to sound. There three types of electric guitar bodies: solid, semi-hollow and hollow body. You can find some volume and tone control knobs on the body top and you can adjust them to make different sound effect. Most electric guitars have two pickups: the neck and bridge, but you can also find some with three or just one. You also can adjust the pickup switch to get the sound you want. Electric guitars are versatile because you can adjust the controls to create the sound you like. You can switch between the clean and distortion channels of the amps as well as switch to the neck pickup or the bridge pickup or middle to get the desire sound. Electric guitars are easy to play. They have low action and narrow neck which are easy to press the string down and move long the neck.

In my personal opinion, both electric and acoustic guitars are great for beginners to start with. It all depends on what music and play style you like. If you want to learn classical or flamenco guitar music, it doesn’t make sense to choose an electric guitar or steel strings acoustic guitar. If you want to learn heavy metal, it is logical to choose an electric guitar. Because acoustic guitar is harder to play, it is suited for those are more serious about guitar.