Best Classical Guitar Under 500

What is the best classical guitar to start with? A good beginner classical guitar should have good tone and playability. If you budget for your first guitar is 500 dollars, you will find more options than those who have the budget under 200. If you want to learn guitar more seriously, you can lift you budget to about 800 or 1000. A good quality guitar is also an investment. If you want to sell it later, you can almost get back your money if kept in good condition. Even your budget for beginner classical guitar is 500 dollars there are loads of brands and models for you to choose. Some of the best classical guitar makers of the world make guitars in their lineups to satisfy the needs of buyers in this price range. Some of the big names like Cordoba, Yamaha, La Patrie and Manuel Rodriguez provide classical guitar learners with good quality guitars and you won’t be wrong to buy them. Here are the top 10 classical guitar at this price range:

1. Yamaha CG192C or Yamaha CG192S

Yamaha CG192 is one of best classical guitars in this price range. With the good qulity solid cedar top or spruce top, the redesigned bridge and bracing system, the tone of this guitar is improved and also great for Spanish classicla guitar music. Read the full review or check out more at

2.Cordoba C5

Cordoba C5 is also a good entry level guitar. it has solid Canadian cedar top with a light weighed design. It makes amazing and responsive sound that is great for student to learn Spanish classical guitar music. Read the full review or check out at

3.La Patrie Motif

If you are looking for an affordable North America made classical guitar, La Patrie Motif is your best choice. This guitar is made in Canada. It is a full size guitar but has compact sound box. The neck is thinner than typical Spanish classical guitar and the fretboard is radiused. The sound is great for its price and it is a beautiful guitar. Read the full review or check it out at

4.La Patrie Etude

La Patrie Etude is almost same as La Patrie Motif but the body size. It has a larger sound box than La Patrie Motif. It is a good entry level and intermediate level guitar. Read the full review or check it out at

5.Cordoba C7

If you want to learn classical guitar more seriously, Cordoba C7 is your best choice. This guitar is light weighted due to the thin top designed and makes very responsive warm tone. You can choose the spruce version if you prefer spruce top. There are also a pickup version called C7-CE, it’s great for stage performance.  Read the full review or check it out at

6.Yamaha CG122MC

Yamaha CG122MC is a solid cedar top classical guitar. The spruce top version is Yamaha CG122MS. The tone and workmanship is great for the price. If you are seeking an affordable matte finish classical guitar, you should buy this model. Read the full review or check out at

7.Manuel Rodriguez C1

Manuel Rodriguez C1 is from the Spanish brand Manuel Rodriguez. The company is famous for making great Spanish style classical and flamenco guitars. Manuel Rodriguez C1 is the low end model but still has great sound and good looking. Not sure if it is made in Spain. Read the full review or check out at