Electric Acoustic Guitars: Is It A Good Choice For Beginners?

Takamine-EG340SCElectric acoustic guitar (or acoustic-electric guitar) is basically an acoustic guitar with built in acoustic guitar pickup and preamplifier. Electric acoustic guitar can be easily plugged in to a speaker system, therefore, it is also called plug-in acoustic guitar. Electric acoustic guitars are most folk guitars but some of them are classical guitars.

Electric acoustic guitar vs. semi-acoustic guitar

Semi acoustic guitars are hollow-body and semi-hollow body electric guitars. They can make acoustic sound without amps and hybrid sound with amps. They are basically electric guitars. The pickup in the electric acoustic guitar is different from the electric guitar pickup. Electric guitar pickups are electric-magnetic pickups; they convert string vibration into electric signal. The pickup in electric acoustic guitars is piezoelectric, it pick up the acoustic sound of the guitar and transmit it to preamplifier. An electric acoustic guitar always makes acoustic sound no matter it is played unplugged or in-plugged.

Electric acoustic guitars vs. guitars with acoustic pickups

You can install an acoustic pickup on your acoustic guitar. There are mainly three types of acoustic pickups: the sound-hole pickup, sound-board transducer, and under-saddle transducer. The sound-hole pickup is the same as an electric guitar pickup and generates electric guitar sound if played plug in. The sound-board and under-saddle are about the same as the built-in pickup of the electric acoustic guitar, they make acoustic sound. The differences are that some acoustic pickups don’t have a preamp with it and you need to drill a hole on your guitar to install the jack in some cases.

Are electric acoustic guitars for beginners?

The answer is yes if you have enough budgets and want to lean guitar more seriously. Most electric acoustic guitars are high quality acoustic guitar with cutaway with which your fingers can fetch the high pitch frets easily. You can play them plug in to make enough volume for performance in large hall or to more audience. You also can adjust the tone control to get better effect. The only problem is the price. Normally the electric acoustic guitars are more expensive than common acoustic guitars. But some guitar makers offer some models  affordable as an entry level acoustic guitar.

Recommended electric acoustic guitars for beginners

Folk guitar:

Seagull S6 Original QI
Takamine EG340SC
Ovation CC28
Epiphone PR-4E

Classical guitar:

Cordoba C5-CE