Electric Guitar Sound

If you are looking for a new electric guitar, you will find that almost every guitar has different sound and some sound better than others. Why they sound different and what make a guitar has distinctive sound from other guitar?

Like other musical instrument, the parts and craftsmanship of a particular guitar decide the sound from it. Be aware of the parts of a guitar that have impacts on sound , finding a good electric guitar for you maybe easier.


Pickups are very important parts on an electric guitar. We talk about pickups, we usually refer mainly two kinds of them, the single-coil and humbucker. The sounds of the two types of pickups are different. Humbuckers have warmer and louder sound than single-coils.  The quality of pickups determines the quality of the guitars. If you check out the guitars in local stores, you can find most low end or entry level guitars have the cheaper pickups. Most high quality pickups brands are from US and some of them even are hands made. If you want to improve sound quality of your guitar, upgrading the pickups is the most effective way.

 Body shape

Electric guitars can be classified into three categories as to body shapes. They are solid body, semi-hollow body and hollow body. The hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars have “f” shape sound holes and chambered bodies. They are considered best choice of jazz musicians. Solid body guitars don’t have sound hole and can’t make sound without amps.


Wood of guitar affects the sound of the guitar because the quality and density of the wood has impacts on the vibration of strings. One piece wood structure is better than laminate as to sustain. Les Paul guitar typically use mahogany body and maple neck plus rosewood finger board. Fender Stratocaster use alder body make very different tone from Les Paul.

There are still other things that have impacts on sound of electric guitar such as amps and hardware.  All these points above you should check out when shopping your electric guitar. Buy a good guitar with decent sound will make your guitar learning process easier and have more enjoyments.