Guitar Headphone Amp: Play Elecreic Guitar Quietly

guitar headphone ampWant to become a great guitarist? The only way to achieve this goal is practicing. When I start to learn electric guitar, I often played overnight. The big problem was the claims form neighbors. If I lowered the volume, some effect of the electric guitar can’t be heard. I think all guitar learners may face this kind of issues. If you jam with friends in the deep night, or you want to practice guitar while traveling, you need to find out how to handle these things.

When I began teach guitar, some of my students ask me how to avoid disturbing their families and neighbors, I really didn’t know the answer at that time. Lately, one of my friends told me he bought a headphone amp and it works great. So I searched for this item and find it is the really help for all guitar players. I also bought one, and I still use it when I play guitar in late night.

This headphone amp called amPlug AC30, it is made by Vox. When I used it the first time, I was surprised the high quality sound comes out from this little box. The sound is almost the same as vintage Vox AC30. I also heard that amPlug has three styles: AC30, Classic Rock and Metal. It has one volume control and one tone control. It also has one input jack for headphones and an aux input jack. The Aux input jack is very cool because you can jam with you mp3 or CD player or link to your computer to record what you play. This little amp only needs two AAA batteries. It is said the power could last for 15 hours.

amPlug is really useful device to any electric guitar learner. It has high quality sound, is easy to use and most beautiful thing is you can rock out all night science without wake your family and neighbors. Click the following link to check out more about amPlug.

Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Amp