How Guitar Amp Cables Affect the Tone of Your Guitar

If you play electric guitar, you need cords or cables to connect your guitar and amp. Many guitar players especially the beginners always overlook the importance of guitar cable. They don’t know or don’t believe the cables can affect the tone of your guitar. But unfortunately, the cables can have incredibly have impacts on the quality of the guitar tone.

The sound of electric guitar can be affected by many factors, the body type, the pickups, the strings, the amps and cables. To judge good or bad sound is very objective because people the different preference. The acoustic technology can partly explain this through frequency spectrum.

How cables influence the quality of guitar sound?

Length of the cable

Cable length can influence the sound because long cables make the sound flatter. For the active pickups, the length is not so important but for other pickups, don’t use too long cables. That says 20 feet is the maximum.


The high conductive materials tend to keep the original sound produces by the guitar it self. Some cables use gold plating connectors while others use common nickel. You will tell the difference between the two kinds easily.

Does it mean you must always buy the high prices cables? It depends. Personally, I don’t think the more expensive, the better. If you think your guitar is too bright, just try to use a cheap and long cable to adjust the overall tone of your guitar. But if you want to keep the original tone, try some high priced short cables to keep it. it is not about price, you should judge it by your ears.