Is Classical Guitar Good for Beginners?

Some people said that classical guitar is better for beginners. Is it right? My personal answer will be it depends.

Classical guitars are considered easy for beginners because of the nylon strings which are softer than steel strings on a folk guitar and won’t hurt your fingers too much when you start practicing. But the neck and fretboard of classical guitar is wider. So it is little difficult to play some chords especially for those with small hands or shorter fingers.

Most important question you must ask yourself when make a decision to buy a classical guitar to learn on is that- do you like classical guitar music? If yes, classical guitar will be your best choice. If you like pop, rock, blues or country much more, then a steel string acoustic guitar or even an electric guitar will be better option.

Classical guitar and folk guitar (steel strung) are both acoustic guitars, but they are different in many ways. Steel strings have more tension than nylon strings, so the folk guitars are built much stronger than classical guitar. Don’t use nylon strings on a folk guitar because they won’t work well and vice versa. Although the basic skills of playing the two kinds of guitar are almost the same such as chords, notes, scales and fingerpicking. But there are still many skills or techniques can’t be transferred between two categories. In general, classical guitars are not as versatile as steel string guitars. Another difference is the tone. Most classical guitars have warmer and sweeter tone while most steel string guitars sound brighter.

Choose your beginner guitar based on what tone and what music styles you like most. If you want to play classical guitar music and like the fingestyle of classical guitar playing then pursue the classical guitars. For some little kids who are not very clear their most favorite music type, the parents can buy small size classical guitars for them. Learning classical guitar is more systematical and with more disciplines. It will force them to read musical notations.

Image source: jasonbachman