Keep Motivated In Learning Guitar For Beginners


For a guitar beginner, the best way to improve his/her guitar skill is practicing. When I talked to some guitar learners, they always complained about frustrating though they put best efforts to improve their skills. Every time they see someone who play guitar much better, they will think about the long way they have to go, too many steps they have to take to get the level. They ask themselves when will they can play the complex solo fluently. And then they would begin lose motivation. How to keep motivation when learning or practicing guitar?

First thing I must mention is practice itself is a process of doing what you don’t want to do. Like weight losing, you must eat less and do more exercise even you feel tired. Only this, you can achieve your goal. Meanwhile the improvement happens gradually. You probably play much better than before and you haven’t noticed it.

Then, you can try different types of music. This may help you keep from frustrating. If possible, play with your band in front of people. The desire of putting on a great show can motivate you to practice more hard.

Finally, don’t choose too cheap guitars and amps as your beginner guitar.  The low quality sound may frustrate you. So, buy a beginner guitar with decent sound will help you keep your motivation of learning and playing guitar.