The Normal Size of Acoustic Guitar

Sometimes the size of guitar is a factor you must consider when shopping for an acoustic guitar. It matters if you buy acoustic guitar for a child or an adult who is very short or with short arms or small hands.

The size of guitar is measured by the scale length which is the distance from the nut to the saddle. It is also refer as the vibrating string length. Some people confuse the size with the total length of a guitar. For a full size acoustic guitar, the scale length is about from 24.5’’ to 25.5’’ while the total length may be vary from 38’’ to 41’’ by different makers and models. In general, larger size guitars have larger body than small size guitars and classical guitars have smaller body than steel string acoustic guitars.

As to sound quality, most guitarists prefer large size guitars for both sound volume and tonality. Because of the less string tension and smaller body size, most small size guitars have smaller volume than large size guitars. The shorter scale length needs more saddle compensation to make the guitar in tune.

Although the larger the guitar size, the better the sound, small size guitars are still good options for kids, guitar learners with small hands and sometimes work as travel guitars. Comparing the materials of top and craftsmanship, guitar size contributes a small part of the sound quality of an acoustic guitar.